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Whether you come shop in store, view our social media, or shop on our website, you will commonly see us mention dilution ratios such as "1:5" or "1:30." For our professional detailers, this is commonplace as many of the professional grade chemicals we carry are concentrated. But the question is - how do we calculate dilution ratios? And how do we know how much chemical to put in the dilution vs water for lets say a 1L iK Multi TR 1 sprayer?

At Daily Driven Supply Co, we understand the intricacies of auto detailing, and we're committed to providing enthusiasts and professionals alike with the tools they need to achieve exceptional results. In order to most effectively, efficiently, and properly use many of the high-end, professional products that we carry in store, learning how to dilute chemicals is a necessity. To simplify this process, we've developed the Daily Driven Supply Co Master Dilution Ratio Charts, which provide a quick reference of dilution ratios for common spray bottle and pump sprayer capacities, that can be referenced on our website or downloaded to your device ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Our comprehensive charts cover a wide range of dilution ratios, from 1:1 to 1:256, in both metric (mL and Liter) and standard (American oz, gallon) measurements. Whether you're using iK Spray Bottles, Pump Sprayers, Pump Foamers, or other brand sprayers with industry standard capacities - our charts provide accurate guidelines for achieving the perfect dilution ratio every time.

For auto detailing professionals, getting product dilution correct can make all the difference in the quality of your work. Too strong a concentration can damage surfaces or leave behind residues, while too weak a solution may not effectively clean or protect the vehicle. Chemical dilutions also make products much more versatile, with the ability to adjust strength for various surfaces. With our Master Dilution Ratio Charts, you can eliminate guesswork and ensure consistent results with every application. Whether you venture towards Koch-Chemie products, prefer CARPRO, or enjoy the process of Gtechniq chemicals - the Daily Driven Supply Co Master Dilution Ratio Charts are sure to make your life easier.

Let's take a closer look at how our charts can benefit your detailing process:

Precision and Accuracy: Our charts have been meticulously calculated to provide precise dilution ratios for a wide range of detailing products. Whether you're diluting interior cleaners like Koch-Chemie PolStar, APC's like Koch-Chemie MSN, or a dressing like CARPRO Perl, you can trust our charts to deliver accurate recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Time-Saving: Instead of spending valuable time hand calculating dilution ratios, our charts allow you to quickly identify the optimal ratio for your chosen product and application. This saves you time and ensures that you can focus on delivering exceptional results for your clients.

Versatility: Whether you prefer metric or standard measurements, our charts cater to your preferences. We understand that detailing professionals have varying equipment and measurement preferences, which is why we've included both measurement systems for your convenience.

Comprehensive Coverage: From heavy-duty all-purpose cleaners to delicate interior cleaners, our charts cover the full spectrum of detailing products. No matter what surface you're working on or what type of dirt you're tackling, you can rely on our charts to provide the right dilution ratios for the job.

At Daily Driven Supply Co, we're passionate about supporting the detailing community with top-quality products and resources. Our Master Dilution Ratio Charts are just one example of our commitment to excellence in auto detailing. We believe that by providing professionals and enthusiasts with the tools and information they need, we can elevate the standard of detailing industry-wide.

So whether you're a seasoned professional or a dedicated enthusiast, make Daily Driven Supply Co your go-to destination for all your detailing needs. With our Master Dilution Ratio Charts by your side, you'll have the confidence to tackle any detailing challenge that comes your way. Click the links below for downloadable and printable PDF's of both our Metric and Standard (American) Dilution Ratio Charts! Keep a copy on your phone, printed out in your mobile detail rig, hung up on the shop wall, or plastered on your garage wall!

Thank you for choosing Daily Driven Supply Co!

Dilution Chart - Standard (American) Measurements

Dilution Chart - Metric Measurements


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