THE ULTIMATE GUIDE - Gtechniq CSL vs EXO v5 vs HALO v2 - Daily Driven Supply Co.

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE - Gtechniq CSL vs EXO v5 vs HALO v2

A Comprehensive Comparison: Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light, EXO V5, and Halo V2 

When it comes to vehicle protection, the market is flooded with various options ranging from waxes and sealants to ceramic coatings. Today, we're focusing on a specific UK brand that has garnered a loyal following among car enthusiasts and detailing professionals: Gtechniq. We'll be comparing three of their most popular coatings: Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (CSL), Gtechniq EXO V5, and Gtechniq Halo V2. Lets dive in!

**Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (CSL) - Quick Overview**

3-5 Year Durability and your bread and butter. Majority of applications will call for this. CSL provides premier marring resistance (physical abrasion caused by improper wash technique or just wear and tear) as well as your chemical resistance (think your pre-wash chemicals as well as whatever road film that sits on the vehicle between washes).

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**Gtechniq EXO V5 (EXO)** - Quick Overview

1-2 Year Durability. Designed to be used in conjunction with Crystal Serum Light as a top coat. EXO provides the best water properties and helps you with subsequent washes. We consider this to be the most beginner-friendly of the bunch. Start here if this is your first time.

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**Gtechniq Halo V2 (HALO)** - Quick Overview

This is probably one of the most unique product in Gtechniq's lineup. While all of the GTECHNIQ coatings can be applied to vinyl wraps and PPF, HALO V2 is perfectly formulated for your vehicles coved in flexible film, especially matte/satin wraps where you want protection, but you don't want to add gloss to something that wasn't originally glossy.



Deep Dive: Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (CSL)

What it is: CSL is your go-to product for long-lasting protection. With a durability range of 3-5 years, this is the product you'll want for your primary coating layer. Also, if you have to chose just one coating out of the bunch for a daily driver, this is what we would recommend. Gtechniq CSL features the best chemical resistance, marring resistance, and durability of Gtechniq coating lineup - all with a single layer application. In addition to its amazing durability and strength, Gtechniq CSL provides a considerable boost in gloss characteristics, as well as excellent hydrophobic/self cleaning properties (2nd in these two departments only to Gtechniq EXOv5). If we make an analogy of Gtechniq CSL's features to a vehicle, think about it as a Toyota 4Runner - Durable, Reliable, Daily Driver, etc.

Please keep in mind - Gtechniq CSL cannot be used on matte or satin painted/wrapped/PPF'd cars, CSL has gloss agents within the formula that allow its great performance on glossy painted vehicles.

#### Key Benefits: - **Marring Resistance**: Prevents surface damage from improper washing, environmental factors, and regular use. - **Chemical Resistance**: Offers excellent resistance against pre-wash chemicals and road grime.

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Deep Dive: Gtechniq EXO V5 (EXO) 

What it is: EXO is designed to be a top coat over CSL, although it can also be used as a standalone coating as well. Compared to CSL, EXOv5 is going to be a coating that is more focused on the best possible gloss and hydrophobic qualities possible from a ceramic coating. Because of this, some chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and durability are sacrificed compared to CSL, but your car will look like no other! EXOv5 is a single layer application, with an approximate durability of 2 years. We typically recommend EXOv5 to individuals who have a weekend/show car, or a car that is garaged rather than parked outside. EXOv5 displays EXTREME levels of gloss and hydrophobic properties unmatched by any other consumer grade coatings in the industry. Something also unique about EXOv5 is that it is safe for both gloss finishes as well as satin and matte finishes.

Pro Tip - For the best possible consumer grade ceramic coating package on the market, start with a single layer of Gtechniq CSL then immediately follow with a layer of Gtechniq EXOv5 on top. This will give you the best of both worlds - ultimate durability and insane gloss, the best 5 year consumer grade coating combination on the market.

#### Key Benefits: - **Water Properties**: Unmatched hydrophobic effects make washing your car a breeze. - **Beginner-Friendly**: For those new to the world of car detailing, EXO is a great starting point. 

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Deep Dive: Gtechniq Halo V2 (HALO)

What it is: HALO v2 is unique because it's specifically designed for cars covered in flexible film, such as vinyl wraps or PPF, and its ability to cover matte, satin, or gloss finishes. The way we like to describe HALO v2 is that it is the "CSL" for wrapped/PPF'd cars. Therefore, similarly to CSL, you can layer EXOv5 on top of HALOv2 for the ultimate in a wrapped/PPF vehicle protection! HALOv2 is a single layer application, and has a respectable 2 year durability while being a very well balanced coating - aimed at the best in chemical resistance, scratch resistance, durability, hydrophobics, and depth/gloss enhancing depending on the vehicle finish!

Pro Tip - If your car is wrapped in matte or satin black, we ESPECIALLY recommend Gtechniq HALOv2. HALOv2 will add a very rich, deep look to all satin and matte wraps, especially black. You will be amazed at how much more rich your wrapped car looks when coating with Gtechniq HALOv2!

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