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Koch-Chemie Magic Wheel Cleaner (MWC): A Must-Have for Automotive Enthusiasts

Automotive detailing is as much an art as it is a science, and at Daily Driven Supply Company, we understand that. We strive to provide the best in automotive detailing products, and today, we’re focusing on an absolute gem: Koch-Chemie Magic Wheel Cleaner (MWC). For those passionate about their rides and keen on maintaining flawless wheels, this product is indispensable.

Highlights of Koch-Chemie MWC

  1. Iron-decontamination feature: One of the standout qualities of MWC is its ability to react with iron contaminants, turning them into a water-soluble state that is purple in color. This means that tough, embedded brake dust and iron particles can be easily rinsed away, restoring the pristine look of your wheels.

  2. Exceptional foaming action: With just a bit of agitation, MWC exhibits a thick foaming action that ensures comprehensive cleaning, covering every inch of the wheel’s surface and eliminating the need for another dedicated wheel soap.

How to Use Koch-Chemie MWC

  1. Pre-rinse your wheels with water to remove loose dirt and debris (Ensure wheels and brakes are cool to the touch in order to prevent quick evaporation of the product).
  2. Spray MWC evenly across the wheel’s surface.
  3. Wait for 1-3 minutes for the product to react. If iron contamination is present, you’ll notice a color change to purple or reddish.
  4. Agitate with a soft brush to activate its exceptional foaming action, reaching into all nooks and crannies and providing great lubrication to carry away pesky brake dust particles and dirt.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water until all product and contaminants are washed away.

Where Does MWC Shine the Most?

Though MWC is versatile enough for any wheel, it’s especially powerful for those who frequently participate in track days or autocrosses. The intense driving conditions of these events produce substantial brake dust, and MWC is tailor-made to combat this. Track-Rats this is a must have product for your post-race day detailing experience!

Pro Tips for Unique Uses

  1. Deep Cleaning: For wheels that haven't been cleaned in a long time, consider a second application to ensure all contaminants are fully removed while eliminating any baked-in brake dust from extended periods of non-washing.
  2. Body Iron Remover: MWC can also be gently used on car bodywork to remove iron contaminants, giving your entire vehicle a deep clean and providing a great form of decontamination prior to paint correction or installing ceramic coatings/waxes.


At Daily Driven Supply Company, we stand by products that deliver, and Koch-Chemie Magic Wheel Cleaner (MWC) is a testament to this commitment. With its iron-decontamination and powerful foaming action, it’s a perfect ally for both daily drivers and track day enthusiasts. Give your wheels the pampering they deserve - available now at the link below! Be sure to follow on instagram @ddsupplyco for more great detailing products!


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