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North Star Care Care - Firefly Paste Wax - Daily Driven Supply Co.

North Star Care Care


Product Description

Brought to us from North Star Car Care, we present Firefly Paste Wax!

Premium hand crafted paste wax consisting of a variety of the highest quality natural waxes and synthetic polymers. Firefly was formulated to provide exceptional water behavior, protection from the elements, while maintaining an easy application. Depending upon your climate expect 4-5 months 


There’s something different with firefly. Yes, it has an extremely radiant warm glow. But it produces an impressive jetting effect (deepening and enrichment) of the color of the paint providing you with a nice balance between warm glow and color depth on any vehicle.

Note: Manufacturer makes no warranty coverage or is responsible for misuse of product. Product for use on vehicles only. Do not consume, even if you wish, this is not for eating.

 Storage: product must be stored in cool environment…do not let freeze and do not store in direct sunlight 

Product Designed to be used on Paint and Hard exterior surfaces (headlights, tail lights) As with every paste wax, do not use on vinyl wrapped portion  

Directions: clean and prep surface then work wax into a foam or microfiber applicator then apply to surface. Let sit 3-6 minutes before removing with high quality microfiber towel. If removal becomes difficult (in high humidity environments) use one damp towel followed by one dry towel for removal  


Shipping Information

This product is shipped from the Daily Driven Supply Co. warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. Shipping costs & estimated delivery calculated at checkout.

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