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Koch-Chemie - Koch-Chemie Orange Power (OP) 1L - Daily Driven Supply Co.



Product Description

Koch-Chemie Orange Power (OP) 1L

Similar to the rest of Koch-Chemie's solvent-based cleaner line, Orange Power is simply put as a "Eulex safe for interior use." Orange power harnesses the power of citrus based cleaning agents to provide amazing tar, adhesive, ink, glue, and gum removing properties from the interior! Don't underestimate this product, and don't be afraid to use some dwell time to your advantage and multiple passes if needed - this product is a guaranteed way to get the job done. Can be used for light exterior use as well!

Adhesive, tree resin and rubber remover

Quick-acting, slow vaporising special product based on natural orange extracts. Removes adhesive residues, eg removing labelling on vehicles. Rubber and resin residues, ink stains, oil, greases, tar and chewing gum, etc., can also be removed without any problems from solvent-resistant surfaces such as paintwork, glass, ceramic, metal, etc. Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons and is pleasant to use thanks to its fresh orange fragrance.


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