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Kranzle USA - Kranzle APG and AM Pump Valve Rebuild Kit - Daily Driven Supply Co.

Kranzle USA


Product Description

Kranzle APG and AM Pump Valve Rebuild Kit

This kit contains the full six (6) valves, O-Rings, and valve cap O-rings needed to fully replace the check valves in a Kranzle APG and AM series pumps. This includes the custom Kranz-LEE machine we sell, and any other Kranzle machines using the APG or AM series pumps. We recommend servicing check valves after excessive exposure to cavitation due to inconsistent water supply, sticking valves (failure to build pressure), or weakened pressure symptoms. Red valves are the updated check valve design, and are suitable to replace both green and red existing check valves.

Shipping Information

This product is shipped from the Daily Driven Supply Co. warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. Shipping costs & estimated delivery calculated at checkout.

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