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Kranzle USA


Product Description

Kranzle K2020T Pressure Washer

Are you looking for a Kranzle 1122TST with a commercial rated, larger pump that produces higher PSI? Look no further! The Kranzle K2020T is our go to recommendation if you're looking for a portable pressure washer like the Kranzle 1122TST, but will see a higher-duty load (commercial use, 4+ hours per day). Check out the specs below!

The K020T cold water electric pressure washer produces 2000 PSI, 1.9 gallons per minute, and is perfect for use in factories or food-processing facilities. Built to the highest standards, the Kranzle pump can self-prime and run dry or on bypass for hours. Comes with a built-in hose reel, accessories holder, and 35 ft power cord with a ground fault interrupter (GFI) to prevent electric shocks. Plenty of power in a small package.


PSI: 2000 max adjustable

GPM: 1.9

Electrical Requirements: 110V, 20A, 60Hz

Weight: 90 lb

Dimensions: 37 inches length, 16 inches width, 16 inches height

Warranty: 1 year commercial

Additional Features:

  • Kranzle adjustable pressure unloader

  • Steel frame with plastic cover that holds all accessories

  • Ground fault interrupter (GFI)

Accessories Included:

  • 50 ft wire braided hose on hose reel

  • Professional gun-jet lance

  • Gauge

  • Safety coupler screw connections

  • Knife-jet (high-pressure wash/soap)

  • Exit-side chemical injection

  • Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzle

Shipping Information

This product is shipped from the Daily Driven Supply Co. warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. Shipping costs & estimated delivery calculated at checkout.

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