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North Star Care Care


Product Description

Morning Star Reserve Wax - North Star Car Care

Our good friend at North Star Car Care has dropped another banger in the detailing industry! Morning Star Reserve Wax is the ultimate pursuit for the best possible gloss and luster from a detailing product. Taking a different approach from the popular Firefly Paste Wax, Morning Star Reserve Wax's main objective is to provide concours levels of shine leaving your vehicle show ready with a simple application. North Star Car Care killed it with this one as always! Check out further detail below from the man himself!

A Spellbinding Crystal Luster

A blend of pure grade s montan wax, mineral waxes, natural waxes, and imported natural oils fused together with titanium dioxide and other metal oxides through an encapsulation process. Rendering a ice crystal luster that demands your gaze

  • A Beespoke Concours Wax - Tailored For Standout Optical Clarity, Depth, & Reflective Gloss
  • Exceptional On All Glossy Paints - Supernatural On Silvers, Greens, Blues, & Whites
  • Meticulously Developed In Correspondence With Elite Detailing Professionals & Tested Using Lab Instruments

Winning at Concours Shows

  • Morning Star Reserve Wax was entrusted onto several prized vehicles at prestigious concours shows such as Pebble Beach Concours, Arizona Concours, Cincinnati Concours, and more
  • Detailing professionals trust Morning Star as a go to choice for that extra pop, clarity, luster, and glow that helps the vehicles win

Durability: 2-3 Months

  • This is a show car wax, if durability is more important to you we suggest our firefly paste wax 

~ Comes with Applicator 


  1. Adequately prep vehicle before application
  2. Spread a thin even coat to a cool clean surface
  3. In most environments allow 5-10 minutes before wiping with towel

Tips - 

    • If you apply to thick, there's a chance for streaking. This formula has a high kinematic viscosity. Ensure thin even coverage. If you do apply to thick. Dampen a towel, wipe surface then use a dry towel for second wipe.
    • In dry / low humidity: wipe product off surface earlier. If product becomes tacky/dry use damp towel for first wipe followed by a dry towel
    • In high humidity (70%+): Allow product to sit closer to 10 minute mark before wipe. If streaks occur use damp towel for first wipe followed by a dry towel

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