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MTM Hydro - MTM Hydro FKM O-Rings - 1/4

MTM Hydro


Product Description

MTM HYDRO FKM O-Rings - 1/4" (Single)

MTM HYDRO FKM O-Rings - 1/4" -- High Quality FKM material replacement O-Rings for all 1/4" QC couplers! 

Veloci Performance O-Rings will fit in any 1/4" QC coupler in the U.S. Market. Veloci sells well over 100,000 o-rings per year because they are commonly lost at the worst of times. From amateurs to contract cleaners, everybody blows out o-rings, the difference is the pro's always have a few spare o-rings on hand.

Don’t get caught without a few extra o-rings on the job. A small investment makes a big difference in maintaining PSI, GPM, and safety.

Shipping Information

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