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Stoners - Stoner InvisibleGlass Ceramic Glass Coating (30mL) - Daily Driven Supply Co.



Product Description

Professional Grade Ceramic offering Unrivaled Protection and Easy Application.

Our ceramic technology creates a covalent bond with your glass, hardening to create a crystal-clear, hydrophobic layer that minimizes UV rays and makes bird droppings, tree sap, and dirt easy to clean for up to two years. And, it's specially formulated for easy application.

Real Ceramic Technology for Real Results

Unlike most of the competition, Invisible Glass Ceramic utilizes true ceramic technology. We've designed this polysilazane-based glass coating to be easy to apply and provide up to 24 months of protection for your glass.

HYDROPHOBIC COATING: Invisible Glass Ceramic Coating is an authentic hard-ceramic glass coating, which provides a semi-permanent, hydrophobic coating that repels rain, ice, and snow. The coating makes glass resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and weather. Use on windshields, windows, sunroofs, moonroofs, etc.

DOUBLES GLASS HARDNESS: Much like a varnish, Invisible Glass Ceramic fills the microscopic pores in glass to make it nonporous. This extremely tough, heat resistant coating has a true quartz base with a 9H diamond hardness factor to prevent micro-scratching from heavy cleaning.

PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Invisible Glass Ceramic contains an all-natural, organic ceramic, which creates a covalent bond that lasts over a year on your glass. This hard ceramic coating acts like a clearcoat for your glass. It prevents dirt, salt, and ice from bonding to treated glass, making it easier to clean.

EASY TO APPLY: Perfect for first-timers, weekend washers, and detailing fanatics. Invisible Glass Ceramic gives you a professional grade ceramic coating without the professional expertise and cost. It remains workable for longer, reducing the likelihood of misapplication


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