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North Star Care Care - UFO Invasion Applicator Pad - North Star Car Care - Daily Driven Supply Co.

North Star Care Care


Product Description

UFO Invasion Applicator Pad - North Star Car Care

Soft Tight Cell Foam Applicator 

  • Tailored specifically for applying North Star Car Care paste waxes, but it works exceptionally well for applying dressings or any liquid product
  • 3.75 In Wide, perfect for fitting into our morning star or firefly containers

Care / Maintenance

  1. Immediately after use - soak applicator in bucket filled with water and either all purpose cleaner or microfiber detergent
  2. Allow used applicators to soak for 30+ minutes 
  3. Rinse thoroughly. Optional - wash in machine washer afterwards 

Shipping Information

This product is shipped from the Daily Driven Supply Co. warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. Shipping costs & estimated delivery calculated at checkout.

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