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MTM Hydro - Veloci PerFOAMance Foam Soap - Daily Driven Supply Co.

MTM Hydro

500mL (16oz)Gallon

Product Description

Veloci PerFOAMance Foam Soap

Nothing pairs better with the PF22 Foam Cannon than Veloci's PerFOAMance Foam Soap. This neutral pH balanced soap is safe on wraps as well as all paint types including: acrylic, metallic, pearlescent and matte. You’ll love the lubricity whether your washing by hand or foaming with a PF22® foam cannon.

How To
  • Prep MTM Hydro® pressure washing equipment. Dilute product with water using a ratio of 2 ounces of soap per 1 GPM per your pressure washer into your MTM Hydro PF22® foam cannon bottle.
  • Reattach the bottle to the foam cannon body. For best results shake the bottle to evenly distribute the mixture.
  • Raise the bar and FOAM AWAY!
  • Dry your surface with our premium microfiber drying towels.

Make sure to run clean water through your foam cannon after you are done washing to rinse the filter and remove any leftover soap residue.

Shipping Information

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