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Product Description

Atlantic Safety Products Black Lightning Gloves (6 mil) - Pack of 100

6 mil Black Nitrile Gloves - If you're looking for the highest quality, black nitrile glove for detailing, you found it. The Black Lightning gloves from Atlantic Safety Products are our "go-to" recommendation for detailers. The extra thick (6 mil) construction with a light elephant-skin texture on the glove surface makes for an extremely pleasurable and durable detailing experience. We have used 1 pair of these gloves detailing for 4+ days with no tears, stretching out, or falling apart. You cannot go wrong with these gloves!

If you're still looking for an even more durable, thick, and grippy glove - check out the Outrageous Orange gloves - the most "bulletproof" detailing gloves on the market! 

At Atlantic Safety Products, we take great pride in providing gloves that offer serious protection from your work environment while keeping your most important tool, your hands, in top condition for maximum productivity.  Our Black Lightning gloves offer excellent barrier protection!

  • Unique formulation reduces excess perspiration
  • Quadruple washed - no excess chemicals lingering on the glove
  • Super strength and stretch - no more tearing
  • Fully textured grip
  • Approved for medical use
  • Tested against fentanyl

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