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CARPRO - CARPRO CQUARTZ Applicator Block - Daily Driven Supply Co.



Product Description

CARPRO CQUARTZ Applicator Block

The same beloved foam applicator included in all CARPRO CQUARTZ kits.


  • New: Side slits to press the corners of the suede into the applicator with a plastic card or similar before use.
  • Wrap with 4" CARPRO USA suede microfiber cloths.
  • Use to apply CQUARTZ, CQ UK, Finest, DLUX, CQ Fabric & Leather, and other products.
  • With the CQUARTZ coatings this allows you to change the applicator cloth as needed because you do not want to re-use them if you have allowed the coating to cure on them for very long.


  • Size: 3.5" x 1.5" x 1"
  • Color: Stiff orange foam with grey ultra-soft applicator foam on applicator side.


  • Wrap with mf suede.
  • Dispose of 4" suede and replace as needed after use with CQUARTZ.


  • If using a foam block with something other than CQUARTZ do not use the same foam block for application of any of the nano-coatings.
  • Immediately after use gently rinse applicator side of foam block, press dry, and allow to air dry completely before next use.  When in doubt replace... $2.50 to avoid future contamination is well worth your hundreds of dollars worth of time.

Shipping Information

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