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CARPRO - CARPRO CQUARTZ DLUX Trim & Wheel Coating - Daily Driven Supply Co.



Product Description

CQUARTZ DLUX Trim & Wheel Coating

CQUARTZ DLUX is the most advanced trim & wheel coating available. 

Made from quality high-grade organic silane, containing more than 50% pure silica! Unlike other trim products, CQUARTZ DLUX restores and protects for two years or longer by utilizing a unique nano composition which allows it to chemically bond to the pores of the trim!  DLUX is also HIGHLY resistant to extreme temperatures making it the perfect product for protecting wheels.  Traditional products wash off in a matter of weeks or months but CQ DLUX has been tested all over the world and continues to protect for month after month! 

DLUX was engineered specifically for coating plastics as well as rubber and metal. It can be used on almost any wheel finish including clear coated, chrome, aluminum, and plastic.  In my experience DLUX leads the entire market when it comes to exterior plastic trim protection and it darkens the trim without leaving any unwanted slick greasy residue.  


  • (1) CQUARTZ DLUX 30ml.
  • (4) 4"x4" Suede MF applicators.
  • (1) Foam block applicator.


  • Withstands temperatures of over 800F.
  • Very simple to apply on textured plastics.
  • Excellent UV protection on all exterior substrates.
  • Versatility: Plastics, wheels, and rubber surfaces.
  • Average use for 4 wheels and all plastic trim = 10ml.


  • Plastic trim.
  • Rubber trim.
  • Engine bay.
  • Headlights, fog lights, & tail lights.
  • Wheels.
  • Tires.
  • Metal trim.
  • Exhaust tips.
  • Chrome.
  • Plastic wheel wells.

Preparation for plastic:

  1. Make sure the surface is cool and dry. (Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sun.)
  2. Scrub surface with an all purpose cleaner and microfiber towel.
  3. Rinse while agitating with microfiber towel to remove all residue from APC.
  4. Dry surface.
  5. Wipe surface with CARPRO Eraser, wipe dry, and then allow plastic to evaporate 20 minutes before applying.

Directions for application on plastic:

  1. Wet the applicator with a strip of DLUX and spread evenly across a small area at a time.
  2. When applying it is VERY important to work one area in even as you go.  
  3. Start in one corner and work out! / Do not take on a huge area at once.  
  4. Apply nice and even as you go. Do not try to spread too thin, but be sure to work it to an even coat in the first minute before moving to the next overlapping area.  After a minute you should not be going back over that area.
  5. On textured trim do not wipe it off, just be sure you apply EVENLY and fully into the texture.
  6. On brand new textured plastic, use ceramic coatings at your own risk - See explanation at bottom
  7. On smooth plastic you should wipe it off before it becomes too sticky.  This results in a thinner coat that doesn’t last as long but on some smooth plastics there is not an easy way to apply it evenly.

* On smooth plastic you should wipe it off before it becomes too sticky.  This results in a thinner coat that doesn’t last as long but on some smooth plastics there is not an easy way to apply it evenly.

Directions for paint and chrome:

  1. Wash thoroughly.
  2. Decontaminate with Iron X .
  3. Polish surface as needed.
  4. Wipe-down with CARPRO Eraser.
  5. On wheels (metal, chrome, clear coat, etc) let cure 1 minute at 90F up to 8 minutes at 50F and use a CARPRO 2 Face Microfiber to wipe it off in a circle motion until clear.


  • Allow to cure 1-3 hours without water being introduced to surface.  If wet during first 24 hours wipe off water before it dries on surface as a precaution.
  • After 3 days you are free to wash with all your regular car washes.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Do not use for other purposes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from heat.
  • Do not ingest.

Brand New Vehicles (Textured Plastic):

MANY people use Dlux on new textured plastic successfully.  However the reason we have a warning is because of possible complications that can arise a year later due to variables out of our control.  A car dealer may use a very high silicone content dressing on the trim before selling it to the new owner and some of this may not be able to be removed before application of Dlux.  That can cause it not to bond and create an unsightly appearance if not entirely bonded.  We believe it is also possible that the plastic may “gas out” for a year or so after being created and potentially that gas could get caught between ceramic and plastic and create tiny microscopic bubbles that start to make an unsightly dulling appearance.  In the rare instances that it happens, there is no surefire solution to removing the discoloration or white dots due to the fact it is nearly impossible to effectively polish a ceramic coating off textured plastic without changing its appearance.

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