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Product Description

Gtechniq EXOv5 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating

18-24 Month Durability (Standalone)
Single Layer Application
Increased Density compared to EXOv4
Increased water contact angle compared to EXOv4
Improved water draining angle compared to EXOv4

What's the difference from EXOv4?

The next evolution of Gtechniq's legendary EXO line of coatings! EXOv5 is everything that EXOv4 was and more, offering a 9% increase in gloss levels, increased water contact angle of 115 degrees (vs EXOv4 112 degrees), improved water draining angle of 13 degrees (vs EXOv4 16 degrees), and most of all a single layer application! EXOv5 is truly in a league of its own, being our go-to choice for the best hydrophobics and gloss enhancement from a ceramic coating in the industry. We recommend EXOv5 as a standalone coating for show cars, weekend cars, and garage kept cars for 24 month durability. However, we prefer to use EXOv5 in combination with Gtechniq CSL to get the best of both worlds: insane swirl resistance, chemical resistance, and 5 year durability of CSL combined with the amazing hydrophobic and gloss enhancing properties of EXOv5 - this combo will last 5 years on a daily driver if properly maintained!

What Is Hydrophobic Coating?

Hydrophobic coating is a multi-purpose, water-repellent coating. Many people use hydrophobic coating as a sealant for bikes, boats, automobiles, and more to protect paint jobs and prolong the lifespan of the paint. Most hydrophobic coatings have a material mixture known as fluorinated polyurethane elastomer. Applying a hydrophobic coating to a surface, such as an automobile, helps repel fog and moisture. This makes it easier to see when you are driving while providing paint protection and rust prevention. These coatings usually last about 18-24 months before you need to reapply.

What’s The Importance Of Using A Protective Coating?

When you’ve invested in a vehicle, you want to protect your investment. Over time, the molecules of a surface shift and change, allowing dirt and rust to build up and corrode surfaces. Using a hydrophobic coating will offer rust prevention and protect the surface which helps the product last longer.

Many sealants and wash products for boats and cars don’t last very long. Using long-lasting hydrophobic coatings will help prolong the look of your vehicle by repelling water droplets that can corrode it. Our hydrophobic coatings have anti-static properties that repel dust and dirt particles, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Why Use Gtechniq EXO?

EXOv5 delivers a hard film that makes water spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extreme hydrophobic finish.

It has a consistent film that is more durable and resistant to road salt and wash chemicals than its predecessors. Application is easy, with a slow flash-off time, giving more time to achieve a perfect finish.

Backed by scientific technology, our Gtechniq EXOv5 protects and offers easy application with up to two years of durability from a one-layer application. We provide this high-performance paint protection product in both 30 mL and 50 mL sizes. All of the above combined with the introduction of a good degree of swirl resistance means EXOv5 represents a major leap forward in Last Surface Protection (LSP) technology.

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