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GYEON QUARTZ - GYEON WetCoat Spray-On Ceramic Coating - Daily Driven Supply Co.



Product Description

GYEON WetCoat is a revolutionary spray-on, rinse-off instant ceramic coating in a bottle! GYEON WetCoat allows users to experience instant hydrophobic, water beading properties on their vehicle while adding additional gloss and 3-6 months of protection! GYEON WetCoat is ready-to-use, following the simple steps below:

1. Thoroughly wash & rinse vehicle as normal
2. (Optional, but recommended) Remove contaminants on paint through chemical & mechanical decontamination (CARPRO IronX followed by a Clay Bar)
3. Thoroughly rinse vehicle
4. Leaving vehicle wet, spray GYEON WetCoat one panel at a time
5. Instantly rinse panel thoroughly
6. Repeat steps 4-5 around complete vehicle
7. Blow or towel dry vehicle
8. Enjoy improved gloss, insane hydrophobicity, and 3-6 months of protection!


Shipping Information

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