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MTM Hydro - MTM Hydro PF22.2 Widemouth Replacement Bottle - Daily Driven Supply Co.

MTM Hydro


Product Description

MTM HYDRO PF22.2 Widemouth Replacement Bottle

MTM HYDRO PF22.2 Widemouth Replacement Bottle - Replacement Bottle for all MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannons! Don't forget to purchase a PF22.2 bottle cap for ultimate versatility! *NOTE* Pricing is for a SINGLE widemouth bottle with black thread adapter (not pictured), 2024 updated bottles will work with all previous versions of the PF22 Foam Cannon Head.

MTM Hydro's Stand Up Replacement Bottle has been manufactured for the PF22 Foam Cannon, only. This bottle can stand on its own with, or without, liquid and has calibrations for easy to read measurements of chemical and water (32 oz capacity), and now for 2024 features a quick release widemouth opening for quick and easy filling!.

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