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MTM Hydro - MTM HYDRO Stainless Steel QC Coupler - 3/8

MTM Hydro


Product Description

MTM HYDRO Stainless Steel QC Coupler - 3/8" MPT

MTM HYDRO Stainless Steel QC Coupler - 3/8" MPT -- A quality, stainless still quick disconnect coupler to attach all 3/8" plugs - while this particular size and variation of QC coupler is not used much in a detailing pressure washer setup, there are some situations where these male-threaded 3/8" QC's come in handy! 

MTM Hydro's Stainless Steel Couplers are great for quickly disconnecting hose lines, spray guns, or any pressure washing attachments. MTM Hydro boasts a premium Stainless Steel line of fittings that ensures our customers a worry-free cleaning experience with no concern for corrosion or unreliable performance.  They are commonly found at all joints where high-pressure fluid may need to be disconnected after use. Other areas such as lances, tips, and foam cannons are convenient places to install these QC's and with MTM Hydro's stringent Quality Control you will not have to worry about locking balls falling out, missing O-rings, or collars that do not fully engage.

***Always make sure to fully insert the plug, foam cannon, or lance and pull collar completely forward. A tight fit is a good seal!!***

When setting up a new spray gun with QC's, don't forget to upgrade your set up with a stainless steel swivel on the inlet side of the gun!

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