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Product Description

ScanGrip Multimatch 3 Connect | LED Detailing Light


The powerful MULTIMATCH 3 CONNECT work light provides up to 3000 lumen and made for inspecting large surfaces during polishing, painting, cleaning operations, and colour matching.
MULTIMATCH 3 CONNECT is compatible with all 18 V/ 20 V battery packs from leading power tool brands by using the SCANGRIP CONNECTOR. In addition, the POWER SUPPLY CONNECT can be used for direct power providing unlimited availability to light.
The work light has a unique CCT SCAN function that helps you find the ideal colour temperature for your task. This function allows the light to sweep through the entire colour temperature spectrum (2500K to 6500K) and can be locked when the optimal temperature is found. This guarantees accurate colour matching and paint defect detection. The 5-step dimmer also lets you adjust the light to five different levels.
With the BLUETOOTH lighting control app, you can control and adjust both the light output and the colour temperatures, providing convenience and flexibility in managing your lighting setup.

Increased functionality with accessories

Purchase accessories separately to enhance the functionality of the work light. The SCANGRIP DIFFUSER  effectively softens the light and prevents harsh shadows. The SCANGRIP WHEELSTAND  enables you to conveniently move the light to any desired location and even add a secondary work light for illuminating from below. 
Enhance the durability and water resistance of the work light by opting for the optional IP cover . This additional accessory elevates the ingress protection from IP30 to IP54 with CONNECTOR/battery. With the IP cover, you can confidently tackle any detailing task, regardless of challenging conditions and environments. When using the power supply, the ingress protection is IP65.

Why you should choose MULTIMATCH 3 CONNECT

Powerful rechargeable LED work light providing up to 3000 lumen designed for detailing and colour match
Compatible with all 18 V/20 V battery packs from all leading power tool brands by using a matching SCANGRIP CONNECTOR
Features CCT SCAN: Sweep through the entire colour temperature spectrum (2500K to 6500K) automatically
BLUETOOTH light control
// The design of the MULTIMATCH 3 CONNECT is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No. 213346

Download light control app:

// App Store - iOS
// Google Play - Android
// Quickguide for the Bluetooth light control app

The process to delete the pin code is:

Turn on the Bluetooth function
Press the Bluetooth button for 10 second
The pin code is reset

Lighting solutions for the painting industry 

Being the most comprehensive and sophisticated of its kind in the world, the lighting solutions for the painting industry are made for colour matching, detailing and general paint work and are usable everywhere a painted surface needs inspection.

CRI+ for accurate colour matching:

With our lighting solutions for the painting industry, we're making use of the CRI+ term defined as an average of all 15 R-values. This is the only correct definition of the CRI value to be used for accurate and reliable colour recognition. 

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