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Koch-Chemie - Koch-Chemie Hydro Foam Sealant S0.03 1L - Daily Driven Supply Co.



Product Description

Koch-Chemie Hydro Foam Sealant S0.03 1L

Premium wet sealant concentrate

The premium wet sealant for a hydrophobic surface (paint, glass and plastic) and velvety soft feel. High-gloss additives in combination with the high-quality care components provide an extreme deep gloss (paint) and prevent fading and embrittlement of plastic parts and impregnates convertible roofs. In the event of rain, it also ensures good visibility through a rapid drip on glass surfaces. The fruity cherry scent provides an intense fragrance experience. Regular use contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the vehicle.

Areas of use

Paint, glass and plastic for exterior use

Recommendations for use

Dilute 1:50-1:150 with water and apply to the cleaned, still wet vehicle using a foam sprayer or pump sprayer. When using a foam gun, adjust pre-dilution accordingly. Allow to react briefly. Rinse off the product thoroughly to avoid stains. Dry off any residual water. Mix product for one application only and do not store the dilution.

Shipping Information

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